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Blair Myrtle Bennett is one of the two protagonists in the Disney Channel series, Just Roll With It. Blair is the best friend of Owen, the daughter of Rachel and Byron.

Blair is portrayed by Kaylin Hayman.

Career Day Catastrophe

The Birthday War

Blair Gets Grounded

No Thank You For Your Service

Date Fright

Karate Wars IV: Dawn of the Karate Wars

The Elevator

Bringing Up Toilet

General Nuisance

And Gator Makes Five

Root Of All Fears

The Tutor

Snow Way Out

Gator's Reunion

The Big Sneak

Family Squabbles


Merry Christmas Mr. Gooch


She likes to use people and does whatever it takes to get revenge on someone. She is very competitive and she is often sarcastic. She is rebellious and brave. Underneath her tough behavior is a softer side of her; she shows occasional acts of kindness and is willing to do anything to help those she cares about. She also hangs out at Beatz101 where her parents work.


She has brown-colored hair and brown eyes. She is normally seen in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt.


Blair is the only daughter of Rachel , Only Stepdaughter of Byron and only stepsister to Owen. She goes to Frank Morris Middle School and she is 12 in 6th grade lives in Akron,Ohio with her family . on her Free time she hangs out with her best friend Ruth and her brother Owen when she does have homework, chores or detention or she is not grounded.She also is very Rebellious and schemes a lot and usual drags Owen into getting them both in trouble with their parents but Owen always has her back.


Career Day Catastrophe

She likes watching videos of clowns getting hurt.

  • she went on air at BEAT 101
  • She thinks Byron is the fun parent.
  • She thinks that everything is a competition as described in 
  • She wants to be the best little girl ever
  • She mails trash to her teacher, Mr. Penworth 
  • that she thought her mom was going to marry some dweeby, gangy, nerdo.

The Birthday War

  • it is revealed that she used to be best friends with a girl named Ruth Buth but after Ruth moved up a grade, they stopped talking and Blair gained hatred of her. She thought that Owen betrayed her when he befriended Ruth And She soon would realize that she actually betrayed Ruth because she also never attempted to talk to Ruth again.

Blair Gets Grounded

  • She got in detention for destroying the school mascot and She also got grounded for doing that.
  • She does an activity called Drama Sisters with her friend Ruth Buth

No Thank You For Your Service

  • Blair and her mom aren't good at talking about their feelings.
  • She didn't want to go to her mom's award ceremony because she was scared of listening to her mom's story and she thought in the story her mom was going to be in an accident.

Karate Wars IV: Dawn of the Karate Wars.

  • She is 61 pounds as revealed in

And Gator Makes Five

She likes to sleep with her window open.

  • She likes to sleep with her window open.

Just Roll With It: You Decide LIVE!

  • Her biggest secret is she farts when she sneezes.

Root Of All Fears

  • She has a fear of going to the dentist just like Byron
  • In Snow Way Out, her story was “The Horkening.

Family Squabbles

  • Her favorite dessert is cotton candy with rock candy

Merry Christmas Mr. Gooch

▪︎ She gets sent to Tuczon, Arizona.

Owen and Blair in the Morning

▪︎ She goes on the radio with Owen

The People vs Blair Bennett

▪︎ She gets accused of vandalism.

Byron & The Gator: The Far Side of the World

▪︎ Her grandpa is reaveled .

Grandpa Moves In

▪︎ Her grandpa moves in.

The Most Brilliant Blair in the World

▪︎ Blair gets a perfect score on her test.

▪︎ Blair goes to a new school.


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