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The following list is an episode guide for Just Roll With It.

Just Roll With It was announced on October 24, 2018. The series premiered on June 14, 2019 with Career Day Catastrophe.

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 22 June 14, 2019 March 8, 2020
2 21 March 15, 2020 May 14, 2021

Season 1 (2019-2020)

# Ep Title Writer(s) Director Prod. Code Air Date Viewers (millions)
1 1 "Career Day Catastrophe" Trevor Moore & Adam Small James Widdoes 101 June 14, 2019 0.65

Owen starts to feel betrayed when Byron starts spending more time with Blair. Also, Rachel wants to come to Blair’s career day, but Blair wants Byron to come instead.

2 2 "The Birthday War" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Jon Rosenbaum 102 June 19, 2019 0.50

Owen doesn't have the heart to tell his dad that he has outgrown an embarrassing birthday tradition; Blair learns that Owen is now friends with her ex-best friend Ruth.

3 3 "Blair Gets Grounded" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Leonard R. Garner Jr. 104 June 26, 2019 0.53

When Blair gets into trouble at school, Rachel puts Byron and his radio sidekick "The Gator" in charge of Blair's punishment while Rachel becomes the fun parent with Owen.

4 4 "No Thank You For Your Service" Desiree Proctor & Erica Harrell Robbie Countryman 106 July 3, 2019 0.34

When Blair is uninterested in attending an award ceremony honoring Rachel for her service to veterans, Rachel confronts Blair and learns the roof of her behavior.

5 5 "Date Fright" Brandon Cohen Wendy Faraone 103 July 10, 2019 0.45

Owen and Blair convince Byron and Rachel to let them stay home alone for the first time without a babysitter, freeing the parents to go on their first date since the wedding.

6 6 "Karate Wars IV: Dawn of the Karate Wars" Sam Miller Leonard R. Garner Jr. 109 July 17, 2019 0.43

When Owen and Blair compete against each other in a karate tournament, Byron and Rachel face the awkward situation of supporting both kids without choosing sides in their new family dyanmic.

7 7 "The Elevator" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Trevor Kirschner 108 July 24, 2019 0.47

After an argument about who caused the destruction of the radio booth, the Bennett-Blatts get stuck in an elevator, where each member eventually confess to their part in the mess.

8 8 "Bringing Up Toilet" Jessica Kaminsky Wendy Faraone 115 September 13, 2019 0.48

Blair and Owen become enamored with the family's high new high-tech talking toilet; Rachel and Byron try to prove to their kids that they're still cool enough to hang out with.

9 9 "General Nuisance" Calise Hawkins Leonard R. Garner Jr. 113 September 20, 2019 0.45

When Rachel's old army buddy, Robert, comes to stay with the family for a few days, his exhausting GI Joe–like personality rubs Blair and Byron the wrong way.

10 10 "And Gator Makes Five" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Wendy Faraone 110 September 27, 2019 0.40

Blair and Owen are forced to share a room when Gator gets in a fight with his mom and moves into the Bennett-Blatt house for a few days, putting the kids on edge.

11 11 "Just Roll With It: You Decide LIVE!" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Sandra Restrepo 122 October 4, 2019 0.52

The Halloween-themed special follows the Bennett-Blatt family as they set out to reverse an evil curse and encounter a variety of strange characters and spooky trick-or-treaters along the way. Raven-Symoné and Miranda May are set to guest star. Issac Ryan Brown, Ruby Rose Turner and Ruth Righi will host the special, which will also feature a musical performance and other surprises.

12 12 "Root Of All Fears" Phillip Walkerref Wendy Faraone 112 October 11, 2019 0.54

Owen auditions for the school musical but quickly develops a case of state fright; Blair's toothache leads her to the dentist where she and Byron confront their worst fears.

13 13 "The Tutor" Lee Houseref Robbie Countryman 111 October 18, 2019 0.48

Owen volunteers to tutor the school’s star basketball player, Big Jim, so that he can pass an upcoming test and be eligible to play in the game.

14 14 "Snow Way Out" Jonathan De Weerd & Keerthi Harishanker Adam Small 118 October 25, 2019 0.47

Stranded at the radio station during a blizzard, the Bennett-Blatts compete to see who can tell the scariest ghost story.

15 15 "Gator's Reunion" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Trevor Moore 117 November 1, 2019 0.49

With his high school reunion fast approaching, Gator worries about impressing his former classmates, so he enlists the help of the Bennett-Blatts to pose as his family.

16 16 "The Big Sneak" Jessica Kaminsky Wendy Faraone 105 November 15, 2019 0.36

Blair talks Owen into wearing his dad’s favorite Lil Pouty sneakers to school to impress his basketball team. When the shoes—autographed by rapper Lil Pouty himself—get ruined, the siblings go to great lengths to secure a new pair.

17 17 "Family Squabbles" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Wendy Faraone 114 November 22, 2019 0.42

The Bennett-Blatts are invited to be contestants on “Family Squabbles,” a game show that tests a family’s knowledge of one another.

18 18 "OwenFest" Brandon Cohen Robbie Countryman 116 November 29, 2019 0.35

Owen has to decide whether to cancel a fundraising event he planned for the school and refund all the money he’s raised, or let the party and his reputation go up in flames.

19 19 "Merry Christmas Mr. Gooch" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Trevor Moore 120 December 6, 2019 0.39

When billionaire radio station owner Mr. Gooch unexpectedly comes to town and fires Byron right before Christmas, Blair and Owen devise a plan to get their dad’s job back.

20 20 "Owen and Blair in the Morning" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Trevor Kirschner 107 February 23, 2020 0.43

Owen and Blair take over as morning DJs with The Gator when Byron has to report for jury duty. When Owen handles a mean adult caller, the ratings soar and he unwittingly becomes the voice for a youth revolution.

21 21 "The People vs. Blair Bennett" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Trevor Moore 119 March 1, 2020 0.30

Blair is accused of vandalism at school and is put on trial in student court; Owen acts as her defense attorney, while Ruth is assigned to the prosecution.

22 22 "Byron & The Gator: The Far Side Of The World" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Kelly Park 121 March 8, 2020 0.23

Rachel is excited to go on a family boating trip, but things don't go as planned when the boat runs out of fuel and a storm approaches.

Season 2 (2020-2021)

# Ep Title Writer(s) Director Prod. Code Air Date Viewers (millions)
23 1 "Grandpa Moves In" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Leonard R. Garner Jr. 201 March 15, 2020 0.36

After surviving a harrowing ordeal on the lake, the Bennett-Blatt family learns that Rachel's mischievous and somewhat unpredictable dad has been kicked out of his retirement community and needs to move in with them.

24 2 "The Most Brilliant Blair in the World" Jessica Kaminsky Leonard R. Garner Jr. 202 March 22, 2020 0.35

When the kids receive their standardized test scores, it's discovered that Blair is a genius.

25 3 "The Great Coconuts Caper" Brandon Cohen Robbie Countryman 204 March 29, 2020 0.39

When Owen is pranked at school, Grandpa Bennett, with the help of Blair and his old Army buddy, Joey Coconuts, set out on a night-long quest to get revenge..

2 4 "Grandpa Gets Grounded" Robbie Countryman Phillip Walker 205 April 5, 2020 0.31

After Grandpa crashes Byron’s car, he is “grounded” by Rachel, and has to stay at home. Owen quickly becomes frustrated that Grandpa is being loud and distracting while he and Ruth try to study.

27 5 "Grandma & Grandpa Sittin' in a Tree" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Wendy Faraone 203 April 19, 2020 0.37

Byron is excited that his mother is coming to stay with their family for a few days, but things turn ugly when Nana Blatt and Grandpa Bennett meet and immediately start to argue!

28 6 "Aliens Among Us" Marisol Diaz Danielle Fishel 211 October 16, 2020 0.30

After watching a documentary series about Aliens, Blair becomes convinced that the family’s new neighbors are from a different planet and enlists Owen’s help to find evidence to prove it. Meanwhile, Byron and Rachel are determined to befriend the new neighbors in the hope of being invited to swim in their pool.

29 7 "Shayna Pennsylvania" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Wendy Faraone 206 October 23, 2020 0.32

After Byron posts a video online of Blair singing in their new band, Hollywood music manager Skeeter Swindell approaches Blair and convinces her to become a pop star. Blair takes on a secret pop star identity named Shayna Pennsylvania but quickly realizes that this life is not for her.

30 8 "The Preventers Directive" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Wendy Faraone 208 November 6, 2020 0.28

Owen has a crazy dream that he and Blair are part of “The Preventers,” a team of superheroes called together by Sir Liam Gooch to stop Norvin Schnuckle from ruining the town’s bicentennial celebration.

31 9 "The Preventers Directive: Part Two: The End Part" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Trevor Moore 209 November 13, 2020 0.31

At the request of Sir Liam Gooch, The Preventers band together to stop Norvin Schnuckle from ruining the town’s bicentennial celebration.

32 10 "Owen's Bromance" Erica Eastrich Wendy Faraone 207 November 20, 2020 0.38

Owen befriends a new kid at school named Kyle. When he discovers that Kyle and his mom are homeless, Owen makes it his mission to help him out.

33 11 "Maybe Baby" Laura Moses Adam Small 210 November 27, 2020 0.22

Owen overhears a conversation between Byron and Rachel, discussing the idea of having a baby.

34 12 "The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Trevor Moore 218 December 11, 2020 0.35

When Rachel is put in charge of running Beatz 101’s charity Christmas telethon and the starring act’s props and costumes are mysteriously destroyed right before the show, Owen takes it upon himself to uncover the “whodunnit” mystery.

35 13 "Just Reminice With It!" Jared Logan Allison Scagliotti 212 March 19, 2021 0.35

Blair’s homework assignment is to write a story about the most interesting thing that has happened to her family. Byron, Rachel and Owen take turns retelling hilarious family stories that include being trapped in a game and a surprise wedding.

36 14 "Warlock World: War of the Warlocks" Desiree Proctor & Erica Harrell Allison Scagliotti 213 March 26, 2021 0.22

The Bennett-Blatts visit a local comic convention, and Owen, Byron and Rachel test out a new VR game.

37 15 "A League of Their Owen" Marina Quintero Wendy Faraone 214 April 2, 2021 0.29

The Bennett-Blatts take part in a charity sporting event to raise money for the local kids club.

38 16 "The Great Switchy Witchy" Marie Cheng Wendy Faraone 215 April 9, 2021 0.28

When the parents and kids grow irritated with each other, they switch places for the day to determine which is harder, being a kid or being an adult.

39 17 "In Da Club" Jonathan De Weerd Adam Small 216 April 16, 2021 0.25

When Blair gets caught selling the coveted after school club spots she's signed up for, Byron and Rachel force her to attend every club to teach her a lesson.

40 18 "The Blair Crush Project" Jessica Kaminsky Kim Wayans 217 April 23, 2021 0.26

Blair is caught off guard when she experiences her first crush on a boy.

41 19 "Blair Bennett - Child Activist" Brandon Cohen Kelly Elizabeth Jensen 219 April 30, 2021 0.24

When Frank Morris Middle starts serving new unpalatable lunches, Blair sees an opportunity to skip class by becoming a “student activist.”

42 20 "Lightning and Lockdown" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Robbie Countryman 220 May 7, 2021 0.19

When a freak lightning storm puts the entire town on lockdown, the kids are disappointed that they are not able to go and see the highly anticipated zombie film. With Gator’s help, the family creates their own scary night of frights.

43 21 "Before the Beginning" Trevor Moore & Adam Small Robbie Countryman 221 May 14, 2021 0.27

When Owen’s and Blair’s arguing makes life difficult at home, Rachel and Byron try to give them some perspective by retelling the story of how they all met.