Frank Morris Middle School is a middle school. This is where Owen and Blair go to school after finishing elementary school, and also the place where they can be seen making mischievous plans, since their parents aren’t present.


Season 1Edit

Career Day CatastropheEdit

  • Blair chooses Byron to present for Career Day, in which they do a live radio broadcast. It turns into a disaster.

Blair Gets GroundedEdit

  • Blair gets detention for destroying the school mascot, to which she also gets grounded for.

Root Of All FearsEdit

  • Owen auditions for the main part in the 'Littlest Cheetah' play.

The Big Sneak Edit

  • Owen Brings his dad's Lil Pouty sneakers to School and they get ruined.

OwenFest Edit

  • Owen has to decide whether to cancel a fundraising event he planned for the school and refund all the money he's raised, or let the party and his reputation go up in flames which would make Blair get grounded.


Career Day Catastrophe

Known Mem bersEdit



Rooms Edit

  • Av Room
  • Blair’s Classroom
  • Lunch room
  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Auditorium
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