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No Thank You for Your Service is the fourth episode in Season 1 of Just Roll With It. It first aired on July 3, 2019 to 0.34 million viewers.[1]


When Blair is uninterested in attending an award ceremony honoring Rachel for her service to veterans, Rachel confronts Blair and learns the root of her behavior.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Bruno Amato as Major Michael Winston
  • Heather Woodward as Patriotic Patty
Vote Winners
  • This is the first episode not written by Trevor Moore and Adam Small.
  • This is the lowest viewed episode of the series so far.
  • The reason Blair didn't want to go to the award ceremony is because she was scared of listening to her mom's story. The story makes Blair think about how Rachel could have possibly been involved in an accident.
  • It is revealed that Byron has a lot of radio stunt statues.
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