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Owen Bellamy Blatt is one of the two protagonists in Just Roll With It. He is the step-brother to Blair and step-son and son to Rachel and Byron.

He is portrayed by Ramon Reed.


He often brags about skipping a grade. He is also very kind, smart, prepared, and caring. He likes to follow rules and he worries a lot.


Owen is the only son of Byron, the only stepson of Rachel and stepbrother to Blair. He goes to Frank Morris Middle School He is 12 in 7th grade because he skip a grade. He lives in Akron,Ohio with his family.on his free time he like to read books, and hang out with Ruth and Blair . He balances school , homework, chores and a social life. He never gets in trouble unless Blair drags him into her scheme but at the end at the day he Has her back. he also hang out at BEATZ 101 where his parents work.


Career Day Catastrophe

  • He is one week older than Blair.
  • He skipped a grade.
  • He can open a soda can without his hands.
  • Last time his dad put him on the air, he started stress crying.
  • It took him a year to lose the nickname Lil Wah Wah.
  • He once went live without stress crying in Blair's classroom.
  • He thought that Byron liked Blair more than him.

The Birthday War

Karate Wars IV: Dawn of the Karate Wars

  • He quit karate And we found out His middle name is Bellamy as revealed

Date Fright

  • He set up the parental controls on the TV

The Elevator

  • He ate a sandwich with robot goo, which caused his stomach to start hurting.

Snow Way Out

  • His story was “The Horror Day In.”

Gator's Reunion

  • It is revealed he had a crush on Ruth.

Owen Fest

  • This is the first episode that has his name in the title.

Merry Christmas Mr. Gooch

▪︎ His dad gets fired.

Owen and Blair in the Morning

▪︎ He talks to an adult.

The People vs. Blair Bennett

▪︎ He figures out who did the vandalism.

Byron & The Gator: The Far Side of the World

▪︎ Bad stuff happens while he is on the boat.

Grandpa Moves In

▪︎ His grandpa moves in.

The Great Coconuts Caper

▪︎ He gets pranked.

Other Trivia

  • He's very careful.
  • We don't know what happened to the mother biological
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