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Rachel Bennett is the deuteragonist in the Disney Channel series, Just Roll With It. She is the mother of Blair and the step-mother of Owen while also being Byron’s wife.

She is portrayed by Suzi Barrett.


She is a good, funny mom. She is smart, nice, and caring. She can also be clever and responsible. But she can be a little strict sometimes.


She has curly brown hair.


Rachel is the Mother to Blair , stepmother to Owen and wife to Byron. She lives in Akron,Ohio with her family where she is the manger at BEATZ 101 where her husband is a morning Dj.In her she hangs out with her kids Owen,Blair and her husband Byron. she is former Marine Veteran.


Career Day Catastrophe

  • she admits that she's jealous of Blair hanging out with Byron a lot.
  • She jokes that the reason she married Byron is that she would have one DJ she wouldn't pay as much as the others.
  • She gave out Beyoncé tickets to everyone in Blair's classroom.
  • She's been thinking they should move into a new house

The Birthday War

  • she falls into a dunk tank filled with root beer.

Date Fright

  • she had her first date with Byron ever since their wedding.
  • she grounds Blair and Owen.

Blair Gets Grounded

  • she grounds Blair for a week
  • She thought tha Blair had gotten 4 detention turns out to be 7 then it was 8 because Blair broke the school mascot.

General Nuisance

Root Of All Fears

  • She is afraid of going to the dentist.

Grandpa Moves In

▪︎ Her dad makes an apperance.

OTHER trivia 
  • She is Byron's general manager.
  • She worked for the Military.


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