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Ramon Reed is an American Actor. He is best known for his performance in Broadway for The Lion King. He portrays Owen Blatt.


Ramon Reed first garnered attention with his role of Young Simba in Broadway and touring production for The Lion King. He had gotten the role by an open casting call. He then gained a wider audience by getting a main role in Just Roll With It.

Year Title Role Notes
2019-2021 Just Roll With It Owen Blatt Main Role
  • Ramon is a great kazoo player.
  • He is pretty good at Barack Obama impersonations.
  • He loves fashion, science-fiction movies, dancing.
  • He likes washing clothes but hates folding them.
  • He is from Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Ramon Reed is a big fan of gospel music.
  • He is super into the future.
  • He is a fan of football and soccer.
    • He also likes basketball video games.
  • He loves head massages and stand up comedy.
  • He is a huge prankster.
  • He loves James Brown.
  • He loves playing board games.
  • He has gone hiking before.
  • His favorite color is purple.
  • He is 4.10
  • He is three years older than Kaylin Hayman, but on the show he is one week older than Blair.