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{{Infobox character) |image1 = M.jpg |nickname(s) = Ruth “The Backstabber” Buth (by Blair) |gender = Female |date_of_birth = 2005-2006 |age = 12-13 |occupation = Student |school = Frank Morris Middle School |eye_color = Brown |hair_color = Dark Blonde |family = Judy (Mother)

Unnamed Father |friends = Blair Bennett(Best Friend)

Owen Blatt (Friend) |enemies = Blair (formerly) |seasons = 1 |first_seen = The Birthday War |last_seen = [[Blair Bennett - Child Activist |portrayed_by = Candace Kozak |romances = Norvin Schnuckle (crush on his side)}}Ruth Buth is a recurring character on Disney Channel series, Just Roll With It. She is the daughter of a woman named Judy and is best friends with Blair and Friends with Owen.

She is portrayed by Candace Kozak.


She is a kind and innocent girl. She tends to be really nice but has the capability to be a troublemaker at times.


She has brown eyes and dark blonde colored hair. She is normally seen wearing denim jackets.

Episode Appearances


  • Her and Blair Bennett had a fallout after she moved up a grade.
  • After fourth grade, she moved up a grade due to her age.
  • In “No Thank You For Your Service,” she pretended to have a birthday party because Blair didn't want to go to her mom's award ceremony.
  • Her parents are the first and second people from a recurring character to be revealed.
  • In Root Of All Fears, she had stage fright auditioning for the school play, but she got rid of it.
  • In Gator's Reunion , Owen had a crush on her.
  • In Gator's Reunion, it was revealed that The Gator doesn't know who she is.