Season 2 of Just Roll With It was announced on September 10, 2019 by Deadline.[1] The season will consist of 21 or 22 episodes.

Production for the second season of Just Roll With It began on October 4, 2019 and is scheduled to end on May 8th of 2020.[2]

The season premiered on March 15, 2020.


“Just Roll With It” follows the newly blended Bennett-Blatt family as they navigate everyday family life and the ups and downs of adolescence. The series stars Tobie Windham and Suzi Barrett as fun-loving newlyweds and parents, Byron and Rachel; talented young actors Ramon Reed and Kaylin Hayman as preteen step-siblings, Owen and Blair; and J.C. Currais as The Gator.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Cast



Confirmed Episodes

These are episodes that have confirmed titles and confirmed dates.

  1. 03/15/20 - Grandpa Moves In (201)
  2. 03/22/20 - The Most Brilliant Blair in the World (202)
  3. 03/29/20 - The Great Coconuts Caper (204)
  4. 04/05/20 - Grandpa Gets Grounded (205)
  5. 04/19/20 - Grandma & Grandpa Sittin' in a Tree (203)

Unconfirmed Dates

These are episodes that do not have confirmed dates.



  • Production started on October 4, 2019.
  • Production is scheduled to be done by May 8th of 2020.

Episodes Count

  • Production is scheduled for a 7 month timing. 7 months of production on 30 minute episodes is equal to 21 or 22 episodes.


  • The season premiered on March 15, 2020.
  • This season premiered a week after the Season 1 finale, Byron & The Gator: The Far Side of the World.
  • Starting with this season, the end credits plays after the last scene of the episode, Disney Channel airings have the credits play during the last scene of the episode like in Season 1.

Season Facts

Just Roll With It episodes
Season 1
Career Day CatastropheThe Birthday WarBlair Gets GroundedNo Thank You For Your ServiceDate FrightKarate Wars IV: Dawn of the Karate WarsThe ElevatorBringing Up ToiletGeneral NuisanceAnd Gator Makes FiveJust Roll With It: You Decide LIVE!Root Of All FearsThe TutorSnow Way OutGator's ReunionThe Big SneakFamily SquabblesOwenFestMerry Christmas Mr. GoochOwen and Blair in the MorningThe People vs. Blair BennettByron & The Gator: The Far Side of the World
Season 2
Grandpa Moves InThe Most Brilliant Blair in the WorldThe Great Coconuts CaperGrandpa Gets GroundedGrandma & Grandpa Sittin' in a TreeThe Preventers Directive
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