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The Elevator is the seventh episode in Season 1 of Just Roll With It. It first aired on July 24, 2019 to 0.47 million viewers.[1]


After an argument about who caused the destruction of the radio booth, the Bennett-Blatts get stuck in an elevator, where each member eventually confesses to their part in the mess.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Toshiji Takeshima as Henry
  • Masa Kanome as Ninja Matthew
  • Hal Rudnick as Dr. McDawg
  • The vote winners were Rachel Gets a Paint Job, Dance Floor Disco, and Ninjas.
  • This is the third time Blair Gets Grounded.
  • Owen and Byron did not contribute to the mess in the radio booth.
    • However, Byron was the one who got the robot.
  • The painter robots wear the same robot costumes used in the Liv and Maddie music video "Froyo YOLO".
  • The whole family was supposed to go to an award show.
  • This is what everyone had confessed on:
    • Rachel confessed about trying to get the first aid kit for Owen but the chair she used was too rolly, so she used Byron's new robot.
    • Blair confessed about trying to fix Byron's new robot without any tools, but when she pressed a button, a compartment on the robot opened up, releasing robot goo on Owen's sandwich and he ate it, and his stomach started hurting.
    • Owen confessed about ninjas in his flashback.
      • This was his imagination.
    • Byron confessed about getting a robot, and shortly after he got the robot, someone from the elevator company called and said the elevator was broken.
  • It is revealed that Ramon Reed had been rehearsing a scene where he talks to a dog in the school hallway, but they changed the scene to him meeting ninjas.
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